Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Farm Girl Vintage Book - YaY !!! ...

I'm so excited to finally 
be able to announce
that my next book…
is available for pre-order at 


I'm thrilled that
once again... 
are the publishers 
for my new book:)

On the cover is my 
Farm Girl Sampler Quilt

There are patterns and 
step by step instructions for 
45 sampler blocks in the book…
in two sizes.
6" and 12" blocks.

Also included in the book is my
 Quilty Barn Along quilt pattern…

As well as my Silo Barn pattern...

And my Farm Girl Tractor Block:)

Besides the Farm Girl Sampler that is on the front cover…
there are three additional samplers in the book.
Above is my 
Scrappy Hay Stack Sampler
using both 12" and 6" blocks.

It's surrounded by 6" Hay Stack blocks.

You can see a portion of another sampler quilt
folded on the end of this group photo.
All of these quilts 
(as well as many others not shown in this post) 
are in the book as well!
I'm telling you…
I have been sewing non stop for quite a while
so that I could pack this book full of 
down on the farm goodness!

Like quilts your grandma used to make to keep her family warm at night...

And a Baby Chick Quilt...

As well as a Mama Hen quilt...

 The Hen House of course!

How about a Summer Picnic quilt...

or Farm House Lane?

To tell you the truth…
I havn't even stopped to
 count how many quilts are in there…
just trust me when I say ALOT!!!

I also have included several runners
 in three different sizes
 using different Farm Girl blocks.

Above is one of the 
small runners using the
 Churn Dash block.

This is one of the large runners
using my Apron Strings block.

There are still many more quilts and projects to show 
to you...

If you follow me on 
 you have seen many of my daily
 Farm Girl Vintage sneak peeks
over the past several months.

to pre-order by reserving your copy.

I have designed an additional new pattern 
as a thank you to those who pre-order my book.

It's called Canning Season...

and includes this mini mason jar quilt...

And two cute and scrappy mason jar covers…
in two sizes of course:)

Next week 
and the Girls from
will be here…at my cottage
for the final photo shoot for the book.
It's going to be a blast!!!

There will be lots more to see so stay tuned:)
Have a Farm Girl Vintage kind of day!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yesterday I pulled fabric for a fun new quilty project.
That's my very favorite part when I start a new quilt…
the colors and style of the fabric set the tone of the finished product.
For this one I wanted some colorful and happy prints 
with a medium to large scale….
and of course with a vintage vibe:)

Because today is my turn on the 

Vintage Vibe is the first book by my
super cute friend Amber Johnson
and its a super cute book!!!

One of the quilts inside 
the pages of this fun book is called
" Lovely "
and that's the one I'm going to make!
Isn't it sweet???
It's a happy banner/bunting quilt which is 
perfect for a vintage celebration.

Amber's pattern is layer cake friendly
and I chose to use my Millie's Closet fabric
and my Vintage Happy white with green print
for the background.

I love how the colors and styles of both collections go together.

I always keep that in mind as
 I'm designing each of the
Bee in my Bonnet fabric collections…
because I like to use them all together 
like one super big…
super happy …
super vintagey fabric collection!!!

Amber used ricrac in her
 quilt to join the banner together.

I think I'll use 
several colors for mine.
The Riley Blake Ric Racs 
from thier
 Sew Together 
notions are perfect:)

Amber also appliquéd a few hearts
 on some of the pennants
and I'll be using red hearts appliquéd
 on coordinating solids for mine.

For me…
the "Lovely" quilt has
 kind of a 
birthday celebration vibe...

And with the addition of
 red hearts
 it could totally be 
a birthday/valentine
quilt as well…
which is what I was going for
my birthday is 2 days 
after valentines day and so 
when I was a girl…
my mom always decorated 
all of my birthday parties
with a valentine theme
 and I have always loved that!!!

to go visit Amber 
and to see more of the projects
in her beautiful book.

I promise that you will 
want to add it 
to your quilty library!

Have a quilty kind of day…

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas - an Instagram Sew Along !!!

I thought I would tell you about 
something fun that I'm doing on

It's a little Christmas quilt
 sew along using my book
Quilty Fun as our manual.

Basically what I did is
 just grab a bunch of fabrics
 from my stash and added a
 few Christmas prints in as well…
and started sewing blocks from
Quilty Fun that work
 perfectly for Christmas!

I've introduced and will introduce
 a few new blocks 
that I have designed 
especially for this sew along
 that are not in the book. 
 I have cutting and tutorials
 on my Instagram feed for those blocks.

For those who are new to 
or haven't joined yet…
Please do!
You just need to quickly
 create an Instagram account
and then
you can join up
 with us and sew along:)
If you need help
ask your kids!!!

It's super easy and fun:)
If you want to make new blocks 
designed by me like 
"Mr. Cookie" shown below 
joining up is how you
 access my Instagram tutorial.

You can find me on Instagram by
or on the the link above
 on the right side of my blog or...

Just type in my user name 
on the Instagram search bar…
(my user name is beelori1)
and follow me by simply 
clicking on the word 
 Once you are following me…
 you will see every time that I post or
 add another block to the sew along.

When you do find me…
this is what my 
profile page looks like.

Let me tell you how to
 find my tutorials 
from my profile page.

 I have a picture on my 
profile page that 
represents each post.

All you have to do is scroll down
 and you will see all 
of my pictures that I have posted.

The very first post 
is at the bottom…
and my very latest post
 is at the top left 
which you can see 
is my "Vintagey Ornament"
 block for the sew along.

When you see a photo 
that you would like to 
know more about,
 simply click or touch that photo 
and that post will pop right up 
along with all of my instructions
 as well as everyone 
else's comments and questions
 about that particular post.

Another thing that is fun 
about the sew along is
 seeing everyone else's pictures 
of their blocks all in one place.

When anyone posts a block 
they have sewn for the 
sew along they add
to their post.
What this does is add their photo
 along with their post 
onto the same page as 
all of the others who 
have used the same # 
with that title.

You can scroll down and
 look at them all
 for inspiration and even 
click onto their picture 
to bring up their post 
to read more about it.

It's a lot of fun and
 there is a huge supportive 
quilting community there:)

If you don't already have 
a copy of my book
that we are using
for the sew along
you can get one 

Have a quilty kind of day 
and I hope to see you
 on Instagram!

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